10 Times Adekunle Gold Proved He Is The King Of Clap Backs On Twitter

adekunle goldSometimes, fans abuse the privilege they have to relate with celebrities online as they hit hard at them. While some of them ignore without replying, Adekunle Gold is one who has always had the perfect response.

Timelinesuit.info presents 10 times Adekunle Gold had the most epic responses for fans.

1. The one time someone advised him to remove ‘King’ from his name on Twitter

2. The day someone made a mistake by telling him to change his tailor

3. When someone revealed he found Adekunle Gold’s twin

4. This one was probably the most epic one yet

5. Savage!

6. When he proved his sarcasm game was on point

7. When a shocked fan asked him a ridiculous question

8. When a fan was trying to hype him the street way

9. Someone tried to diss him and got this instead

10. When a fan tried to use retweets to take his watch