See 5 Benefits of Having a Google Account

There are some hidden benefits of having a google account and this has been painstakingly explained in simple English language by a lady blogger.

Have you ever googled your name or post? What was the result you got? If you think it’s only the names of notable individuals or newspaper publications that can show up in search engines like Google, think again. Do you want to know how to achieve this simple but seemingly impossible feat?
Then, read this article to the end to have a better understanding.
Apart from the fact that Google+ is not a popular social network, most people just see the icon on their androids and don’t have the knowledge of what it is all about. It is also not easy to operate like Facebook or Instagram which has gained wide popularity in the social media world but once it is mastered, it is a powerful tool in the hand of the operator.
Google+ is for the serious minded like LinkedIn, it is more of a professional social networking site. Having a Google+ account has some benefits either for an individual or a business which I believe are worth considering.
1. Google+ avails you or your business the opportunity of showing up in search engine results because every post on Google+ is immediately indexed by Google. This I believe is a good marketing strategy for brands and also for bloggers.
2. Google+ will let you group your contacts into ‘Circles’. This provides you the opportunity to choose who you will like to share your posts with.
3. Google+ also allows you connect easily based on your interests. For example, if you are interested in app development, you can connect with people of similar interests or actual app developers.
4. Google+ grants you the avenue to improve in your field of interest as you will have access to lots of resources from experts in any chosen field.
5. Google+ provides you with the chance to be featured primarily on both YouTube and Google+ once you connect your YouTube account with your Google+ account.
In conclusion, open a Google+ account, be active on your page, add people to your Circles, comment on posts regularly and you will be surprised at the level of followers you will get. For a business page, even if your website link doesn’t show up in search engine results, it will definitely show up through Google+ if you have a Google+ page.
All you need is a Gmail account. Set up your Google+ account and start connecting!
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