Checkout This 61-year-old Grandfather Body

A man who is old enough to give up anything to do with gyms, has shocked the contemporary world with his resolve to keep fit.

Liang Yuxiang
Liang Yuxiang, is a hot 61 year old granddad from  Chengdu, China.
According to reports by MetroUK, Liang has been going to the gym regularly for the last ten years.
He’s also a big fan of paragliding and racing cars and upped his fitness regime in his 40’s when he experienced a midlife crisis.
Liang says: “I see bodybuilding as my hobby,’
“The only dieting principle I follow is that we should only fill our stomachs to about 70%,’Other than that I eat whatever I want because I believe the body’s cravings are its way of telling us what we’re lacking. I particularly love eating meat.”
Liang hopes that his fitness will encourage others to remember that age shouldn’t hold you back from following your dreams.
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