A Must Read: “Dealing with Dating Violence, Domestic Violence”


1 Dealing with Dating Violence, Domestic Violence
Dating Violence and Domestic Violence are major problems in the United States. Too often, 1 member of a relationship eliminated the respect/trust from the “7 things needed for a relationship to succeed”* and rely on trying to bully, overpower, and control their partner.*= 7 things are Communication, Friendship, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Love and Respect

2 What Is Dating Violence and Domestic Violence?
There are 4 main forms of violence:Physical: harm to a person’s body by physical actsVerbal: harm through words (demeaning insults or threats for example)Emotional: Hurt inside caused by physical or verbal acts but that causes a change in personalitySexual: includes sexual harassment, assault or rape

3 Domestic Violence In addition to the 4 main types of Violence:
Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Sexual,Neglect is another major type of domestic violence in a homeNeglect = The failure to meet the basic physical and emotional needs of a person you are responsible for (child if you are a parent for example)

4 But also…… Domestic aka Dating Violence Physical, Verbal, Emotional or
sexual violence perpetrated during a relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriendHusband/wife or long term partner*Increasingly more of a problem…..* can happen in short term relationships too

5 Common Causes of Dating violence or domestic violence
History ofhavingbeen abusedas a childAlcoholor otherdrug useLack ofcommunicationand copingskillsUnemploymentand povertyInability todeal with angerMental IllnessABUSELack ofparenting skillsEmotionalimmaturityFeelings ofWorthlessnessOr low self esteemFearClick to show the various factors that increase the risk of a person becoming abusive. Some situations that increase the risk of abuse can be avoided, for example, alcohol and drug use. Avoiding such situations is crucial to the health and safety of both individuals and the community.

6 Common ways teens experience dating violence
Allow boyfriend/girlfriend to control everything that is done as a coupledemeaning comments from one partner but without being in fun (you look so fat in that dress. Why are you so stupid)Yelling at in publicPhysical violent acts (grabbing arm and pulling)Forced sexual activity

7 Less Common ways that might sneak by you dating violence occurs
Cutting off ideas from a spouseFailure to listen/talk or pay attention to others feelingsForcing “check ins” so you know where spouse isJealousy, lack of trust

8 To stay safe…..Recall “7 things”GO SLOWRecognize if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’tShare personal beliefs about life, sex, family, etc.Date or hangout in groups (in beginning)Embrace each other’s friends not just one or the otherDon’t change your life for your partner….add him/her to itAND………

9 ……………set boundariesSet up boundaries that can not be crossed including:Physical intimacy limitationsVerbal tones and times for argumentsTrust…allowing to hang with other friendsStaying in public with newer partnersGet out of relationships quickly at first signs of violenceCommunicate openly with your parents/guardians and respect whatever they say. Don’t sneak!Never have sleepovers unless they are supervised and both partners respect each other.Never drink something if you don’t know what’s in it or use any other drugs

10 There is plenty of time to find the right person!
RESPECT YOURSELF!!!!Partners will come and go…Don’t fall into a relationship that is violent out of fear you may “lose” someone or you’re looking for loveThere is plenty of time to find the right person!