See the Handsome School Teacher Convicted of Having S*x With Both Male and Female Students

A bisexual school teacher has been convicted by law, of having s*x with both male and female students of his.

Cameron White
Cameron White, a bisexual Sydney high school teacher has been found guilty of having s*x with three students between 2007 and 2013.
According to, Cameron White faced a District Court trial over s*x offences relating to a male and two female students from three Sydney school campuses.
The 39-year-old looked at supporters on Tuesday in the Downing Centre court and shrugged after he was found guilty of 19 s*xual intercourse charges, many in circumstances of aggravation.
During his trial White said allegations he’d offered to give one of the female complainants a reference if she had anal s*x with him were “totally false”.
The same complainant said she was scared, tense and “didn’t want to be there anymore” as she lost her virginity to White at his Sutherland unit in late 2010.
The woman, who cried as she detailed the s*x in court, said she and White arranged over Facebook to meet at a railway station before going to his home where White told her to “relax”.
“It hurt, a lot,” she said.
The former student told the court she went back to White’s apartment several times over December 2010 and January 2011 until she told him in a text message that she didn’t want to do it anymore.
“He wondered why. But I just said that I didn’t want to,” she said.
Months later, they would meet once again for sex as a condition for him giving her a reference for a TAFE application, she said. The woman cried as she detailed the s*x to the court, AAP reported.
“I was reluctant to agree but I agreed because I wanted to do the course.”
The male victim testified he had a “major crush” on White, was ecstatic when he started messaging him online, and first had sex with the teacher in his car in 2007.
The student was 14 at the time.
He said White would call him “his bitch” and would “like me to say that I am his bitch”.
White denied having any sexual contact with him or that he called him “bitch”. He said he didn’t know the boy had a crush on him.
But when White was arrested police found his then former student’s number in his phone under “biatcha”.
White told the jury the young man had made the entry in his phone in that name after they ran into each other in 2013 — and he only discovered it from the police statement.
White denied having a sexual relationship with any of the complainants and said he was just “great mates” with the other female complainant, despite the pair calling each other nicknames like “Pooh Bear” and “chicken”.
A video taken on a smartphone by the complainant also showed White pulling down his trousers and saying “I’ll b****-slap you”.
While the court heard the relationships had been consensual, it is an offence for a teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student who is younger than 18 years old.
The jury, which had been deliberating for eight days, was unanimous on 16 of White’s 19 counts. The remaining three were delivered by an 11-to-one majority. White was taken into custody after the verdicts.
The matter is due back in court on a July 21.