Alleged Bank Fraud: Comedian Alibaba’s Wife Suspended By Heritage Bank?

Heritage Bank of Nigeria sent one of her Executive Directors, Mary Akpobome, wife of popular comedian Ali Baba, on an indefinite suspension to go and recover loans she signed off on. 

According to SR, several bank sources said Mrs. Akpobome and powerful bank management were abusing their positions and engaging in fraud.

SR adds that Heritage bank management initially refused to touch the powerful executive directors, preferring to go after staff members suspected of revealing the bank’s problems.

It was learnt that the bank Managing Director, Ifie Sekibo has not been to work since January, and was reported to be ill.

Some of the sources within the bank, however, said his prolonged absence might have been to enable Mrs. Akpobome to be thrown under the bus as investors’ confidence has waned over the lack of action concerning top management staff fingered in fraudulent transactions.

Her husband, Ali Baba said those reaching out to him should wait for the bank’s position.