How I Saw My Twin Brother Shot Dead in Libya For Not Being Able to Pay Ransom – Returnee Reveals

A Nigerian man who had just returned from the troubled nation of Libya has opened up on the horrific experiences he had there.

File photo: Nigerians return home from Libya
Abel Osifo Christopher, a 36-year-old Nigerian man who was stranded in a Libyan slave camp before finding help, has talked about his experiences.
The Nigerian revealed that the entire journey cost him N680,000. According to to him, he was on his way to Italy before he and many others were bundled into prison.
The most gruelling experience was watching his twin brother being shot dead.
Speaking with Daily Trust, he said: “My destination was Italy and not Libya but I was not able to cross before we were bundled into prison.
“The journey cost me N680,000. I sold my car to raise the money and move on June 13, this year. My experience in Libya was disastrous and painful: life there was full of agony and sorrow and to worsen it, I lost my twin brother there. They shot him because we could not pay the ransom on time.
“When they kidnapped us, they asked us to pay 5000 dinar (N500, 000).
“However, before we could raise the money from Nigeria, they shot and killed him. Many Nigerians died in Libya. I regretted going to Libya and can’t even advise anybody to go.”