Man Masturbates For Thirty Minutes Inside Train While Staring at Female Passenger

Police are on the manhunt for a man who masturbated for 30 minutes while staring and smiling at a woman inside the train.

Image of the sex pervert released by the police
Police have released the image of a man who is  accused of putting his hand down his trousers and masturbating as he looked at the 29-year-old woman inside a train.
The pervert who could not hold himself while staring at the pretty woman caused a public disturbance. Police is now looking for more information to arrest the man.
The suspect was a passenger on a train travelling northbound from President Street station in New York City when he opened his trouser and began performing the act in front of the woman. The alleged incident took place on Sunday at 4pm.
He is alleged to have continued to touch himself for more than half an hour, according to police. The woman involved took a picture of the suspect and sent it to police, Pix11 reports.
The man who was photographed had a prominent tattoo on his forehead reading: “TEAM USA.” Anyone with information is advised to call the US version of Crimestoppers.