Meet the Beautiful Nigerian Lady Who is ‘in Love’ with a Set of Triplet

A Nigerian lady who recently got engaged to her lover has professed her technical love for his other two brothers who are currently single.

Tito Okediran (lady) and the triplet
Last week, Tito Okediran got engaged to her best friend (who happens to be a triplet), Kola, on her 25th birthday at a surprise boat cruise dinner.

Tito said, “I fell in love with one and got two extra without even trying!#MyArmy #Lovethemsomuch #Triplets. Side note: ladies! They are up for grabs but you have to go through me, as the chairwoman of the triplet wives association #TWA. But really can’t wait for us to be complete”

Gushing about her surprise engagement, Tito said:

“So the love of my life asked me to be his Mrs last night at a surprise boat cruise dinner planned by his over romantic self! To say I was totally clueless is beyond the truth, knowing the kind of girl I am (Overly calculating and analytical), he messed up with my head with this!
“So while everyone that was part of the surprise where having dinner and getting cracked up by @yd_fresh , my baby took me by the hand and led me to the boat deck, where we sat and watched the beautiful nights waters.
“Then he came over to me and asked to take a selfie…and then he asked! Can’t remember the exact words but mehn I am the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you KL for letting everyone know that true selfless undying love still exists”
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The triplet