This Is a Must Watch Trailer Movie “COLLIDE” (Soul Sister) Check It Out

A film about two young women; Kimberly (the well behaved, naïve and obedient introvert from a wealthy home) and Cecilia, (the wild, manipulative and devious wild child with a love for the supernatural) whose paths collide unexpectedly ten years after the end of an odd friendship of controversial nature in high school. see the movie after this cut…

Kimberly is unhappy and paranoid having met her high school friend Cecilia again, afraid that she might uncover secrets of a past which she hoped to keep buried. However, Cecilia has her plans and longs to be let back into Kimberly’s life.

Starring: Lasharne Anderson, Lorena Anderson, Kayode Akinyemi

Produced/Directed/ Written: Ugonnaya Nwachukwu