See Massive Flood Hits Nigeria Due to Heavy Downpour

The recent heavy rainfall constantly falling in most parts of Nigeria has caused ruins and obstructions especially in areas of poor drainage systems.

The flooded Lekki phase one area
This is the current state of Lekki Phase one after a heavy downpour in Lagos state today, 20th of June, 2017.
According to reports, the rain which started early this morning has caused a traffic congestion on some parts of the Lekki/Epe Expressway.
Business activities have reportedly been shut down as a result of the flood which has taken over almost every area in Lekki.
Also, Ibadan, Oyo State has not been left out in the flood problem as some residents of the expansive city have shared disturbing images of the flood on social media.
The flooded areas in Ibadan
For the residents and commuters along sawmill-loyola college axis, the popular bridge around there has been flooded as usual. This has obstructed several daily routines and businesses as students and workers are afraid to walk ‘on these waters’.
Apart from the South-west geopolitical zone, the South-east has also been hit by the impact of the downpour as commercial activities at the popular Aba Eziokwu market in have been adversely hampered as seen in a video making rounds on Youtube.
Watch the pitiable video of the state of the Aba Eziokwu market below: