Obiano’s Victory: Has INEC Passed the Litmus Test for 2019 General Elections?

It was Sir Henry Ford the first that once said; “if everyone is moving forward, success will take care of itself “.

Governor Willie Obiano
I must start by commending the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for a job well-done. The victory at the polls in my view belongs to the electoral umpire which has proven by providence and credence that the word “independent” does exist in its name. By this success and feat achieved, INEC has passed the litmus test for the 2019 general elections.
The election was conducted on 18th November, and the result was announced on 19th November, 2017. This is a good omen indeed. The speed, alacrity, swiftness and zeal displayed by the electoral body are ostensibly nice to the nation.
In the words of Dr Ukwachukwu Orji, the Resident Electoral Commissioner of Anambra state, he admonished; “let the election not divide the people of the state but bring them together, we promised free,fair and credible poll and that is what we have fulfilled”. 
On critical observatory notes, INEC has moved sequentially from conducting inconclusive elections in past to conducting conclusive elections within 24 hours as the case is in Anambra. Indeed, there is hope for Nigeria and Nigerians come 2019 general elections.
Chief Willie Obiano’s victory is really unprecedented, timely and heart warming. This mega political feat achieved could be likened to the story of David and Goliath. The APC and PDP are the giant Goliaths, who want little David (Obiano) off the scene of politics. But I am glad that posterity is in tune with him and the god of politics was on side. Congratulations Mr Governor!
The re-election of the governor has proved beyond media propaganda that he is a man of integrity, transparency and accountability. These three are also the fundamental qualities of good governance which all leaders are expected to possess.
While his predecessor, Mr Peter Obi condemned his silent achievements in office, the governor remained steadfast in his work. Despite numerous politically orchestrated propaganda, he soared to victory at last. The Anambra people have decided, and others must respect their stand and position of choice on Mr Obiano.
The governor in his Oscar-like victory speech had said; “time to build a new world, I belong to the wheel Barrow pushers, okada riders, farmers, teachers and civil servants etc, who have clearly seen in our recent political experience a glimmer of light in the horizon”. 
He has called on his brothers or opponents in the just concluded elections that he described as; “the victory to all and said also that, I was returned unopposed” to work with him and his team for the betterment and progress of the state.
Chief Willie Obiano also thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for allowing the people of Anambra to decide their fate without any interruption or obstruction from the presidency. This is indeed a good start for our democracy.
Above all, it’s instructive for the opposition APC and PDP parties to sheathe their political swords, be good losers and work with the government elected of the state.
All Nigerians are therefore advised to rebuild their faith in the capacity and capability of INEC to conduct next general elections in the country. In the eyes of the world, we shall be rated high as one of the finest democracies in the globe, as we are set to pass the 2019 general elections test as we did in 2015. This if we succeed shall determine our democratic journey and expedition in the next 100 years.
The people of Anambra have proved that a violence-free election is absolutely possible. You will recall that there was a sit-at-home order earlier or prior to the elections by proscribed pro-Biafra group – Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. The success of this election has shown that the unity and togetherness or oneness of Nigeria is intact and not negotiable. So we as a nation must remain grateful to these brave people of the eastern pole of the nation.
The men and women of the Nigerian armed forces, paramilitary did a good job. Thank you all for your meritorious service to the country Nigeria.
Personally, I knew from inception that Governor Obiano would come out victorious in the poll because the attacks and insults on his integrity and personality were much. This was an indication that he was a candidate to beat. An attempt was all made for his security details to be withdrawn, but the urgent intervention of Mr President resolved that.
Willie Obiano of APGA pulled total votes of 231,071 out of total valid votes of 422,314 (difference of 191,243 to the APC, PDP and others to share). That’s colossal landslide victory.
Again, the total votes cast was 448,771, he scored 231,071 (other parties and invalid votes has 217,700 to share among the categorically). Contesting this results by the APC Tony Nwoye candidate who came second with 98,752 votes and the PDP Oseloka Obaze who scored 70,293 , amidst rejected votes of 26,457 will be very worrisome, laughable and forensically disgusting. The margin is too wide to contest the validity or potency of the victory.
I will advice INEC to keep the good work of been a neutral electoral umpire come 2019. The challenges shall be much but with a positive mindset and a good sense of positive history and posterity, it will surely overcome. The pressure to bend trust and truth shall be heavy but INEC mustn’t relent.
Finally, there a Chinese proverb that states that “if someone did something good to you, you have a moral obligation to do same to another person” 
Mr Governor must know that the people are watching him closely, to see if he will be just and magnanimous in victory. Good governance is needed, extending the olive branch to the opposition parties, uniting the people and flourishing the state.
The task is huge, but I am hopeful His Excellency will surmount all the obstacles that come with victory and success.
Once more, congratulations to my friend governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state for this well deserved, remarkable and excellent victory.
God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.
Written by Rwang Patrick, Lecturer at the University of Gombe. Gombe State.