7 Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Your Online Business

There are certain social media marketing tools to boost your business when you do it online. These are some of those tools.

With the amount of information we have to filter, categorize and organize every day, there’s no way to have any kind of online business success without tools that turn big data into relevant bits of knowledge. So we rely on automation, analytics, listening tools and more.
If you want to stay ahead of your competitors online, these tools we shall list below are very vital in making sure that you stay ahead always.
While some are free while others are paid for, we advise that you choose the free package if you have a moderate competition but if you have a large online business, then the paid one would serve you better.
According to sitepronews, here are the tools you would need to improve your online venture
1. Sendible 
Along with Buffer, Agora Pulse, HootSuite and others, Sendible is one of the top social media management platforms out there. It may be less known than its competitors, but I personally believe that’s not fair.
What I like about Sendible is its user-friendliness, the in-depth reports you can generate with it and the stellar customer service. I chose it and passed on others because at that time it was the only one to support Pinterest. Now, there are, of course, other tools that do that, but Sendible is still among the first to introduce new features and new platforms.
Pro tip: If you have a single set of social media channels to manage (for a single brand), Buffer is a free option, while Sendible is not.
2. SEMrush
SEMrush is our go-to competitor analyzer. It can be used for both social media (for instance, to check our growth compared to that of our competitors) and for copywriting (mainly for keyword research).
You can get quite a lot from SEMrush’s free version, but if you’re serious about in-depth analytics, I strongly recommend the paid version.
3. Social Quant
Social Quant has been used by many to grow followership especially on Twitter. Here’s how it works: you link your Twitter account to Social Quant, add a few hashtags that are relevant to you and SQ will follow those accounts on your behalf. Briefly put, it’s a great way to automate Twitter growth.
What you can expect: the free trial lasts 14 days. Depending on your industry, you can get 100-700 new followers during that time. For the paid version, you can expect 1,000+ followers every month.
4. BuzzSumo
This is a great tool for both copywriting and social media. Search for a topic on BuzzSumo and you’ll learn which articles covering it were the most shared on social media. You can also search for social mentions and monitor your profiles.
5. TweetReach
This is one of the tools that can give you a lot of insight even in its free version. Simply search for a hashtag, a username or a keyword and you’ll get a thorough report on it.
6. Google Alerts
This one is pretty simple and completely free to use. Add a brand or a name and receive e-mail alerts whenever it’s mentioned anywhere on the Web.
You can use it to monitor your own brand, your competitors, certain keywords or even yourself.
7. Canva
This is a tool that will turn even the most graphics-challenged person into a superb designer. It’s easy to use, mostly free and perfect for social media images, especially the motivational ones.