Don’t Vote for a Rapist! – Popular Blogger, Sugabelly Lambast Ex Kogi Gov’s Son Running for APC LG Chair

Popular Nigerian blogger, Sugabelly has called out APC LG Chairman candidate over alleged rape.

Nigerian blogger and social media personality, Sugabelly, has called out the candidate of APC Local Government Chairman over alleged rape.
According to Sugabelly who became popular following her viral story of how ex-Kogi state governor, Audu Abubakar’s sons gang raped her at the tender age of 17, is telling the residents of Kogi not to vote for him.
The APC candidate, Prince Mustapha Mona Audu, is allegedly one of the 7 guys she claimed raped her back then, and has advised the electorates against voting him into power as doing so means voting for a rapist.