Nigerian Actress Shan George Reacts to Apostle Suleman’s S*x Scandal

Actress, Shan George has provided interesting piece of advice to Nigerians concerning the s*x scandal rocking Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Nigerian actress, Shan George
Nollywood actress, Shan George who is not always vocal on social media has dished out words of wisdom on the controversy rocking Apostle Johnson Sulemn of the Omega Fire Ministries.
She said the incident is one for everyone to learn from. She asked people to look up to God and forgive freely.
“I am not better than these two people……..none of u wonderful great people out there is. We have all sinned and come short of God’s Glory. We all have lots of positivity in us, and some negativity too sometimes.
“Lets celebrate each other for the good in us, and learn from each other when we goof/fall hand. This incidence should be a turning point for those directly involved. Pray to God for forgiveness and try to sin no more. #ONELOVE.”