Sexual Harassment or law enforcement? As Soldier Stripping-off a Lady to Her Pant for Wearing a Camouflage Outfit

A yet another shocking incident which looked like a case of s*xual harassment, has been captured on camera showing a soldier stripping a lady to her pant for wearing a camouflage outfit.

The lady being stripped off her camouflage outfit
A photo which emerged online and making the rounds on social media, shows the shocking moment a soldier reportedly forced a lady who wore a camouflage outfit to pull it off.
Some online users who are asking if the incident is a case of sexual harrasement or law enforcement, are alleging that the incident happened in the Northern part of Nigeria.
Meanwhile, TORI News cannot authoritatively ascertain the identity of the military officer, the victim or exactly where the incident happened, or if the image was captured during a movie/music video shoot.