Checkout What Happens To Your Teeth If You Use Hard Toothbrush

The use of a hard toothbrush can do some damage to your teeth as revealed by a dentist in this new report.

A Dental Therapist with Federal Dental Technology, Enugu, Funke Lasisi, has cautioned against the use of hard toothbrush, saying it can cause gum recession and damage the teeth.
According to Vanguard, Lasisi told newsmen in Enugu on Thursday that hard toothbrush caused abrasion on the teeth due to pressure applied while brushing.
According to her, hard toothbrush causes mechanical wearing away of the teeth due to method of brushing.
“It causes gum recession, thereby making the gum to go above normal level and exposes part of the tooth that ordinarily should not be exposed.
“In the long run, you have shocking sensation on your teeth when you drink liquid or expose your teeth to breeze,” she said.
Lasisi recommended toothbrush with soft texture for children and the aged and medium texture for adults.
She explained that many people were ignorant of their oral health, pointing out that the mouth was the gateway to the body.
The therapist stressed the need for people to visit a dentist twice a year or every six months to take care of their oral health.
She added that “taking sweet things in excess like chocolates, sweets and carbohydrate damage the teeth unless you brush your teeth immediately after consumption to prevent decay.
She also warned against using the teeth to open bottles, “which some people do occasionally, as it cracks the teeth and makes them sensitive.”
Lasisi said dental therapy was a branch of dentistry that prevented tooth decay from occurring through scaling and polishing to remove biofilms and deposits from oral cavity.
She noted that dental therapists should educate people on how to cater for their teeth and maintain oral hygiene.