Fiancée of Trump’s Treasury Secretary appears nude on film

Donald Trump’s new Treasury Secretary definitely has an eye for figures, as his glamorous fiancée proved last week in the Oval Office.

While the President watched approvingly, Steve Mnuchin was sworn in alongside Scottish-born actress Louise Linton, 35, who revealed much more than bargained for in her latest movie, Intruder.

Stripping down for a steamy shower scene and bedroom romp, Linton achieved a level of notoriety last year when it was alleged she fabricated her experiences in Africa for her memoir.

She has also starred alongside Tom Cruise and Robert Redford in minor roles in her rise to fame.

Worth $400m, Mnuchin, 54, is the wealthiest man to ever hold the Secretary Of Treasury position and the former banker and movie producer has been criticized for working on Wall Street during the 2008 financial crisis.