You Won’t Believe That This S*xy Woman is Actually a 64-year-old Grandmother

An old woman who is already a grandmother has stunned people with her ageless body which is giving young girls a run for their money.

Wendy Ida
Wendy Ida is a 64-year-old Californian grandmother, who has gotten a lot of people talking with her body.
The woman who is the mother to a 41-year-old lady, Sky, says people often think they’re sisters when they’re out, and we can totally believe it.
According to Metro UK, Wendy says her youthful looks are the result of an intense fitness regime. She puts in one-and-a-half to two hours at the gym every day. And she’s been doing it for over two decades now.
She started going to the gym when she was 43, after ending an abusive relationship which left her with low self-esteem.
Today, she is a top fitness trainer and life coach in LA.
‘I’m 64 and in the best shape of my life,’ she says. ‘When I say how old I am people don’t believe me and want to see my driving licence. People say I look like I’m in my early thirties. I had someone aged 22 think I was their age.
‘And whenever me and Sky are together people mistake us for sisters. It happens so often.’
As well as doing cardio and weights at the gym every day, Wendy often runs home. She also enjoys salsa and hip hop dancing.
She entered her first bodybuilding competition at the age of 57.
And on her 60th birthday, she celebrated by setting a Guinness World Record for doing 37 burpees in one minute.
Wendy now focuses on inspiring others to get fit whatever their age. ‘I want to be an inspiration to everyone who says, “I’m too old and can’t do it”,’ she says.
‘Do a little exercise and work your way up and don’t take no for an answer,’ she instructs.